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What is a usable throughput for a home media server

What is a usable throughput for a home media server

I am looking to setup a home server that will act as a media server. This will include both video (possibly HD) and audio. The clients will be a fun mix of hardware but that is a different question.

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"well to understand if you need it we will check the throughput for both systems, IE 100MBit and 1000Mbit. a 100Mbit system can transfer 12.5 MegaBytes per second which is more then enough to stream Media and HD media to maybe 5 devices. Now the 1000MBit system can transfer 125 MegaBytes per second giving you the ability to stream LARGE amounts of Media at once . Another thing that you can consider is that with the 1000MBit system movies or streamed media will be streamed much faster therefor freeing up the network Much faster. on a 100Mbit system, if you were streaming a 4 Gig movie it can take nearly 22 mins to transfer everything, yet with a 1000Mbit system you would have transfered the movie in under 5 mins. So the advantage of a faster network system is that you have More resource to get things done faster AND in less time. So if you truly are Streaming 5-8 gig Files To more then 5-8 computers then a 1000Mbit system is a must. Now remember that you need all the Nic cards to be gigbit network cards so that there is no bottle necking.