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What is overclocking the system?

What is overclocking the system?

I have heard this term many time and would like to know what does it exactly means?

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"It basically means that people will alter the settings for their CPU (processor) to go faster than it was designed to do so. By increasing the CPU frequency, you're also obligated to change speed settings for RAM, the system bus and so on. So if you have an Intel or AMD processor that say runs at 2.0GHz, you can overclock that processor (depending on a few variables) to run at 2.3GHz or 2.4GHz.


The good thing about overclocking is you can get better performance out of your computer without paying extra for a higher model. Most people who overclock are gamers, but I'm sure there are other uses for overclocking in computation and such.


Heat - Faster CPU means more electricity which means more heat. Heat can kill computer systems. Improperly cooled and overclocked CPUs can die a lot faster than you think.
Cost - In order to increase the speed, better cooling is necessary to dissipate the heat. From water coolers to fancy heatsink/fan solutions, you should put forth some money to address the heating problem.
Possible Damage - People forget that by overclocking, you're going out of bounds for the manufacturer's specification. The extra work, electricity, heat can (over a period of time) damage your CPU. If you deal with heating properly your odds of damage decrease, but it's always a risk.

Personally, I don't overclock. It's a risk with little to no benefit that I can see. Others may feel differently, but I hope this answers your question."
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"In addition to what TheTXI posted...

You are running the hardware beyond its rated limits. It can void warranties and damage hardware. You can see weird errors depending on the issues. It varies from each combination of hardware. It is mainly for the hobbiest or someone who wants to take the risk to get that little extra performance out of their machine."