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What is Rosetta and why doesn't Snow Leopard include it by default?

What is Rosetta and why doesn't Snow Leopard include it by default?

Since I repaved my MacBook with Snow Leopard this morning, I was about to reinstall one of the applications I use, Adobe Flex Builder 3. When I opened FB3's installer, the following was displayed:

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"What exactly is Rosetta? (I have an idea, but your expert answer is probably better than my understanding.)

Rosetta is a piece of software through which PowerPC code can be run on an Intel Mac.

Why don't I already have Rosetta included with my new Snow Leopard install? Why would Apple decide to not include it? Would this have been an optional install from my Snow Leopard DVD, or is it only available online from Apple?

Snow Leopard is Intel-only. Apple essentially wants the few remaining developers who still have PowerPC-only software to recompile it for Intel. Rosetta is an optional install which is available on the Snow Leopard DVD.

Why would a relatively recent installer such as Adobe Flex Builder 3 require Rosetta? Is Adobe doing something silly?

Adobe's Mac range is possibly the worst-made set of applications that anybody actually uses. See Adobe UI Gripes for more Adobe hating.

Is there any performance or other impact or concern with having Rosetta installed?

Only when you're running PowerPC code. Simply having it installed will not decrease performance. There is little reason for you not to install it; it's a small package that allows some software to be run slowly that otherwise couldn't run at all.

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"According to the Adobe website only the CS4 product range has been certified as Snow Leopard compatible and the compatibility list available here shows that Flex 3 is still untested.

Rosetta is the technology that allows PowerPC applications to run on Intel Macs. From everything I have seen thus far this has been removed from Snow Leopard by default, and based on your screenshot will install when required. Potentially this will be removed in the next OSX version."