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What is the ALT-Code for Irony Mark (؟)

What is the ALT-Code for Irony Mark (؟)

Is there an alt code for the irony mark (؟)? If there isn't, is there some way I can set my keyboard to create an ؟ when I press Alt Gr+Y ?

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Guest [Entry]

Guest [Entry]

"In Word

Insert > Symbol > More symbols;
Change font to Arabic Typesetting;
Character code: 061F > Insert;
Highlight the new Arabic question mark by double clicking on it;
Change font to Arial

(Result = ؟)"
Guest [Entry]

"There doesn't seem to be an ALT-code for it, for some reason. You can set up Word to handle this using AutoCorrect.

Press Windows+R, then type:


... and press Enter, to bring up the Character Map program, then scroll down till you find character U+061F. It's about half-way down, see the U+ codes in the status bar at the bottom of the window. Then click Select button, followed by the Copy button.

Now you have an Irony symbol in your clipboard, go to Word, and select AutoCorrect Options (from the Tools menu if you're using Word 2002). Type (?) in the 'Replace' field, then press Ctrl+V (for paste) in the 'With' field, then click OK.

Now whenever you type (?), Word will automatically replace those three characters with the irony symbol ؟"