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What is the battery information to replace battery?

What is the battery information to replace battery?

How do you break down Nook HD+(BNTV600) to replace defective battery?

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"3.65v 6000mah 21.9wh


Power99 has an excellent video on youtube on the teardown.

Take ur time don't rush. I tore mine apart & didn't break anything...whew!

T5 or T6 screwdriver

Tape/magnetic to hold the 22 screws.

Flat rounded tip wedge for GENTLY prying the bezel and back off. I used 3 wedges.

Mine turned out not to b the battery but the internal charging port. That was extremely tricky z4 me!"
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"Guide for replacement: Nook HD Battery Replacement

Battery for replacement ($20 on eBay): http://www.ebay.com/itm/BNA-B0002-Batter..."
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"It seems battery is out stock at www.power99.com any other source to get it

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Google the battery and you will find it for sale at newpower99 and eBay. I got mine from ebY for $25.00.