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What is the best DVR application for Windows (7)? [closed]

What is the best DVR application for Windows (7)? [closed]

I've been unable to find very little credible or up to date information on DVR platforms for Windows. I'm looking for the best out there (under $200) that provides TiVo like quality (season passes, responsive FF/RW, etc).

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"Have a look here for a comparison of features.
Of the ones listed, I know the following support Windows 7 (either officially or unofficially):

Windows Media Center
Beyond TV

I've personally used MediaPortal. It works great and has a good set of features. Unfortunately it has issues with Windows 7 right now so I can't recommend it for your scenario.
Other than Windows Media Center, I've not seen a dvr/pvr application that supports 64-bit versions of Windows. Although, MediaPortal, being a .NET application should theoretically run as a 64-bit application it doesn't on my Vista 64-bit system. This shouldn't really be a determining factor as many of these applications run just fine under WoW64."
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We've been using Media Center at home for a couple of years, and I really don't have any issues with it. We used Myth for a couple of years prior to that, and had constant issues. We'd figured getting good Hauppage cards would make the difference, but we never had any luck. It probably had a lot to do with not being very strong with linux and not having much time to learn it, so unless you are - I'd stick with easier stuff.