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What is the cause of multiple hard drive failures?

What is the cause of multiple hard drive failures?

The HP Pavilion dv9000 is not the oldest computer out there. About 4 months ago, the stock hard drive (about 2 years old) began making scratching noises and such, so I went out and bought an external to back it up, as well as a new Western Digital WD Scorpio Black 500 GB 7200 RPM (the "desktop-performance" laptop hard drives).

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It sounds like you just got unlucky. Western Digital should replace your drive for free, but what a pain!
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Since I had around half-a-dozen or More hard drive COMPLETE FAILS over the years (we now have children) I went and bought some SSD drives for all my computers; and now they are not only FASTER, but the Laptops especially also NEVER have any problem being moved from laptop tray to desk. No more internal Scratching; no more FAILS.


BUY SSD`s and Demand that every laptop is installed with them from now on. ....

....Or live in regret (for example) at losing hundreds of pictures and vid clips or your little children growing up (&/or VALUABLE Documenting) as damaged hard-drives have irrecoverable data that would cost the price of a small car to get back."
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no its not bad luck its the hp I have had 3 go bad in a little over one year and a friend had two go bad. no more hp's in my house that is for sure/
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Along with Mark's answer, check your environment and also that no other component within the computer is causing these failures, eg. fan not working.