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What is the consensus on 13" MacBook Pro's and SSD drives?

What is the consensus on 13" MacBook Pro's and SSD drives?

I was researching the newer MacBook Pros and options that are available with them. I wondered if there is some consensus on SSD drives (128 gig if that matters).

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"AFAIK, Apple's SSD are manufactured by Toshiba, they're no match for high-end aftermarket products such as Intel X-25E, Kingston's E-Series or OCZ Vertex.

SSDs are more reliable and robust than platter hard disk drives as they don't have any moving parts.

The performance of a SSD (even a mediocre one) beats that of the best platter hard disk drives hands down.

And yes, they boost the performance of everything that involves disk operations, even with virtual machines."
Guest [Entry]

"I've done the following :

I've bought a 13"" Mac Book Pro (basic configuration) and I've changed the shipped in HDD with an Intel SSD X25 !

After 5 months running my Mac with this config, I can conclude on the following :

The speed performance is big but not as big I expected. The boot time is lightning fast and I can use file vault without seeing any slow down.
I've heard a lot of complains about SSD (not so reliable ...), mine works like a charm
The battery life is better (the power consumed by an SSD is negligible)
An aspect I didn't expected is the NOISE ! It's such a pleasure to not listen the plates rotating.

From my point of view, it's a good idea to have an SSD drive into its mobile computer if you don't need large disk space (mine is 160 GB)"