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What is the difference between these Pentium Extreme Edition CPUs?

What is the difference between these Pentium Extreme Edition CPUs?

The CPU in question is the Pentium Extreme Edition 955.

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"First of all I would STRONGLY discourage you from getting that CPU at all costs. They are overpriced (still) and extremely obsolete.

LGA stands for Land Grid Array and refers to the socket type. LGA has the pins on the motherboard not the CPU.

PLGA is Plastic Land Grid Array and refers to how the core is integrated into the rest of the CPU. You don't need to worry about this.

Tray means that the processors are OEM and are purchased by the tray, usually in multiples of 100. You cannot buy just one of them from Intel directly, but they are resold as OEM chips by some vendors. They do not include a heatsink/fan and usually carry a lesser warranty.

As for the 95W chip, it looks like it is the same stepping and revision as another model, so barring a typo it is possible through quality control to bin out the chips that require a lower power consumption but I don't think I've seen this before without it carrying a separate revision number.

Forgot to answer one thing - The different spec codes refer to different revisions of the processor. Sometimes a newer version of the same processor is released with minor tweaks and changes. These are not usually apparent to end users, though the revision does make a difference to heavy overclockers."
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"If you look it up on Intel's page it says ""End of life"" for that processor. They don't sell it any more. Your only solution is to find one that is compatible.

The only question is how you do the maths. If you get a 1.86 Ghz (Xeon Dual) it stands for 3.72 Ghz processor speed (like the old one core Pentium 4 PLGA775). If you get a 2.66 Ghz (xeon dual) it's the same has the old Pentium D (dual 2.66). You can also get Intel® Xeon® Processor 5060 but it works at 78 degrees temp. (not recommended), and by doing these compatibilities maths nothing assures you that these processors will work.

Even if they are very similar to the ""oldies"" like Pentium 4, D and Extreme, there are always differences in the bus speeds and cache memory that your old motherboard might not support (always see list of supported CPUs).

Though, all CPUs I've seen listed have a maximum 1066 Mhz bus speed and 4 MB cache memory. (And prices can start from 300 Euros and go far above!)"