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What is the impact of leaving a laptop in "sleep" mode (while on battery power)? [closed]

What is the impact of leaving a laptop in "sleep" mode (while on battery power)? [closed]

How much battery would leaving my laptop at "sleep" mode consume? is the consumption low enough so that it would be safe to leave the laptop sleeping at nights regularily and using it tommorow?

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"I asked almost the same question here.

As for the shutting down completely thing - Windows needs to be rebooted once in a while to complete certain scheduled tasks. I would say to at least attempt to reboot once per day, but other than that, you should just sleep it for a quick launch back into the computer.

You can easily leave the thing overnight on sleep mode and it won't drain much battery at all."
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"I leave laptop regularly at sleep overnight. Consumption is low enough to last for more than a week on my model.

While consumption does depend on motherboard and other components, you should be able to get few days of sleep without problems.

Throwing laptop to sleep is very easy to get used to and I don't even recall when last actual reset occurred on my computer."
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"Depends on the system. I never had luck with Windows laptops going to sleep and waking up reliably. The best alternative to shutting it down was hibernate. This is almost always because of poorly written drivers.

My Macbook Pro, however, sleeps every time I shut the lid and wakes every time I open it... reliably. I never shut it down or reboot it unless an update requires it. It's one of the features I like most about Macs. I don't even worry about the battery running out, because if it gets that low (reserve power), the Mac is smart enough to save the system state and power itself off so next time you plug it in, you're back where you left off."