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What is the maximum supported hardware RAM in Windows 32-bit?

What is the maximum supported hardware RAM in Windows 32-bit?

I want use 4GB of RAM. Can I use in Windows XP 32-bit? Or should I go for Windows XP - 64-bit? Does it support 4GB of RAM?

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"If you want to utilize the full 4GB, go for 64-bit or enable PAE. I'd recommend the first option for future expansion.

You'll also want to first make sure your chipset can support the amount of memory you're installing as well."
Guest [Entry]

"Agreed = go Win 7 64 bit .. (or 'hack' the Win 7 32 bit kernel ..)

If you have to use 32bit XP, see if you can get one of the '2003 Server' versions which will allow you to address all your physical RAM ... http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/hardware/gg487508.aspx

[RAM limit on MS 32bit OS is a 'marketing decision' = Linux & Mac OS on exactly the same hardware will address all the RAM.

So 32bit MS Windows XP Pro is limited to 4Gb address space of which (due to brain dead drivers causing BSOD's 10 years ago) about 750Mb was 'reserved' for I/O leaving about 3.25 Gb usable ... and MS still impose this limit today, despite the fact that (I believe) ALL current drivers are PAE 'aware' which means your REALLY only need to 'reserve' about 32Mb of low address page space for I/O ...]"