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What is the most powerful GPU and fastest RAM for HP EliteDesk 800 G1

What is the most powerful GPU and fastest RAM for HP EliteDesk 800 G1

I am trying to make a streaming/gaming pc. I found a cheap HP EliteDesk 800 G1 Intel i7-4770. What is the most powerful GPU I can put in (even if I have to mod or do something weird)? What is the fastest RAM I can install? Everything else seems to be easy. Thanks.

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"Hi @boozlegast ,

The CPU type will be limited to what is supported by the chipset on the motherboard and other factors that are listed in the note labelled Important at the top of the list in the link.

Replacing the chipset is probably not cost effective given everything else that may need to be done as well.

The motherboard’s hardware was designed >7 years ago and it is showing its age. You can only do so much to improve its’ performance.

Install a SSD and increase the ram (DDR3 1600 - up to 32GB max) is about all that is economically viable to do. The CPU that is already installed is very nearly the best that can be used on the motherboard when compared to others that may work with the chipset - see note.

The last BIOS update was in 2017 so even if a different CPU was tried the BIOS may not support it anyway.

Update (09/09/2020)



I misread the GPU for CPU.

Again the chipset will determine what GPU can be installed and then possibly depending on what GPU is selected the PSU may have to be upgraded as well.

The Q87 chipset only supports PCIe Rev 2.0, so while you can install a PCIe Rev 3.0 GPU card it will only work at PCIe Rev 2.0 speeds.

You may just have to search online for the best PCIe Rev 2.0 GPU card as getting a better card i.e. PCIe Rev 3.0 capable would be wasting money

Also the PSU has to be able to supply the extra power necessary for the GPU card as usually the PCIe slot only supplies 75W and the rest has to be supplied by an 8 pin cable from the PSU to connect to the card.

I can't see from the hardware manual if the PSU has this or not. If not the PSU would have to be replaced.

Usually the GPU card specifications give an indication of the power requirements of the PSU"
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"Hi Zarquon,

Service Manual:


Memory: DDR3 non-ECC Up to 1600 MT/s Maximum: 16GB (2x 8GB)"