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What sites offer free, quality web site design templates? [closed]

What sites offer free, quality web site design templates? [closed]

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Let's aggregate a list of free quality web site design templates. There are a million of these sites out there, but most are repetitive and boring.

I'll start with freeCSStemplates.org

I also think other sites should follow some sort of standards, for example here are freeCSStemplates standards

Released for FREE under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license
Very lightweight in terms of images
Tables-free (ie. they use no tables for layout purposes)
W3C standards compliant and valid (XHTML Strict)
Provided with public domain photos, generously provided by PDPhoto.org and Wikimedia Commons"

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"Check out:

Open Source Web Designs
CSS Remix
Best Web Gallery
CSS Based
CSS Beauty
CSS Genius"
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The Open Design Community is a great resource.
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The images are not Creative Commons, but the CSS is."
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"+1 for Zen garden.

I like the resources at inobscuro.com"