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What subtitle file editor for '.srt' files supports synchronization? [closed]

What subtitle file editor for '.srt' files supports synchronization? [closed]

I downloaded .srt files for watching a French movie. But unfortunately, it is out of sync. Is there any tool in Windows using which I could manually sync it specifying the start time?

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Guest [Entry]

"VLC also lets you add (or subtract) subtitle delay so you can sync them up while viewing. Ctrl-H and Ctrl-J shift the delay by 50ms in either direction.

SRT files are basic text files, so once you've found an offset that looks right in VLC, use perl or sed (or your favorite scripting language) to add that offset to all the timecodes in the file.

(Or try the aforementioned subtitle editor programs if you're not up for the challenge of off-the-cuff timecode math.)"
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"You can use Subtitle Workshop. I can recommend version 2.51, haven't tried the new beta.

Another editor for subtitles is Aegisub."
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the best thing is change the file extension from .srt to .txt. Then complete your editing and change it back to .srt. This will surely help. and to play it with the move simply change the srt files name same as the video file but do not remove the .srt extension from the subtitle file..
Guest [Entry]

"Subtitle Workshop has already been recommended to you (+1!)

However, if you don't want to go that way, play your subtitled movie with SMPlayer (a multiplatform front-end for mplayer). It's the best all-round media player when it comes to subtitle handling and options (by a far cry!)

SMPlayer is open source, freeware and a portable version is available as well.

On a personal note, SMPlayer beats the highly overrated VLC player hands down."