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What Tape Drive Format are you using for backup? [closed]

What Tape Drive Format are you using for backup? [closed]

I like the benefit of tape in that you get permanent snapshots of data at a given point in time, but popular business tape backup i.e. LTO is still expensive.

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"I am using an external hard disk instead of a tape. Tape is nice to have, but having near online or a fully online backup is by far the way to go.

Course nowadays you can probably find old tape devices on eBay for all the companies who are going out of business due to the recession. I have encountered guys who literally have warehouses of servers, tape drives, switches, disk arrays, 42U racks for the plundering. The prices are very reasonable. I was there buying a $1500 rack and it cost us a whole $100. You can expect similar results if you are talking to the right kind of IT liquidator."