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What to call a linux mint converted to xfce?

What to call a linux mint converted to xfce?

I'm using linux right now, I installed Linux Mint 7 (Gloria), but since then I switched to the xfce desktop, and I don't use any of the tools that come with mint (mintMenu, mintUpdate, mintInstall, etc). Instead, I use the normal xfce menu, Add/Remove (I suppose it comes with xfce), etc.

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"Linux Mint is built off of Ubuntu. If the problem is specific to the XFCE Desktop Environment (Things are displayed incorrectly), state that. If it is with internals (Network card isn't detected for example), specify Ubuntu as they are pretty much identical, and there is far more support available for Ubuntu so it will make things easier for you. You will also notice a lot of Mint users on Ubuntu forums for this reason.

You may want to see the main differences in the Wikipedia article."