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What to do if I can't ping my DNS?

What to do if I can't ping my DNS?

On my Windows XP SP3 machine I can only browse (with any browser) by putting in an ip address. If I put in any domain name it doesn't work. Skype and IM work. In command prompt nslookup works to resolve the name to an ip address, but ping does not work using a domain name, only using the ip address.

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"Do you have a DNS server listed in your IP configuration? Is it the same as the DNS servers in the working peer boxes? Are you getting your network settings via DHCP?

If it's DHCP it could be that you have recieved DHCP info with no DNS server info, or that the info you got is wrong. We have had this happen with either rogue DHCP servers (somebody stuck a little router/wireless access point on the network etc) or when the DNS server has had its info changed but a client hasn't gotten new address yet. Try ipconfig /release all followed by ipconfig /renew

If you're not on DHCP it options include: The DNS server you were pointed to has failed and everyone else has a different secondary address than you. There is a typo in your DNS server entries."