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What to do with old laptop screens? [closed]

What to do with old laptop screens? [closed]

This question is inspired by another SU question I came across earlier today: What to do with old hard drives? It made me think about two long-dead laptops I have with perfectly good screens still inside. One is a Dell Inspiron 5100 and the other is an Averatec E1200, but responses need not be geared towards those particular models' screens.

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"Line the underside of a glass coffee table with them and have some button that will cycle them through screensaver/visualizations and rss feeds.

Mount a camera or cameras in your fridge, and some screens on the outside. Peek into your fridge without opening the door. This kind of applies to anything you want to look into without opening.

Set up a geeky 2-way peephole on your front door. Hang a screen on the door and have a second one where you like, incorporate a couple of cameras for two way door greeting.

Edit to add:
Virtual window - set up a camera on the outside somewhere and wall mount the screens, possibly in a decorative window frame.

Aquarium background - find a similar size aquarium and have a tropical undersea backdrop for your fishies. Or the surface of the sun, or some other backdrop to fiddle with their little heads."
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"Convert it to a stand alone monitor.

Low Cost (Under $50)
Simple Interface
Simple Construction
Readily Available Components (i.e. no ordering, all locally available)
Low Build Time (""weekend"" or Saturday project)
Low Weight

Can never have too many monitors :D"
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Here's a sample answer to kick it off: Create an overhead projector. I've never done it myself, but know someone who did. It was a bit blurry, but kinda neat.
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"I've seen discussion of this kind of thing in the past and it seems that doing anything with the screens themselves can be a pain because you don't have an interface that's particularly usable.

What you can do if the machines are functional is set them up as terminals - take a look at ThinStation for boot images that require minimal RAM but get you rdesktop or VNC."
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You may become the next Ken Jennings."