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What to look for when buying a DSL modem?

What to look for when buying a DSL modem?

I currently have an Actiontec GT701-WG DSL modem which I purchased through Qwest when I signed up for their internet service a couple years ago. Unfortunately this modem has started to fail so I need to get a new one.

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"There are a few things to consider when buying a DSL modem.

Renting vs. Buying:

This is the first thing that you need to consider. Buying a new DSL modem from a third party or from your DSL service provider may cost you at least $50. However you may also be able to rent a DSL modem from your phone company. This rental fee is usually less than $5 dollars a month and shows up on your monthly bill.

An advantage to buying is that you own the modem outright. You end up paying less in the long run over renting. However, a key advantage to renting is that you will be renting the modem direct from the service provider. If the modem breaks or malfunctions, the DSL provider will usually fix it or replace it.


This is an often overlooked area when shopping around for DSL modems. You need to make sure that the DSL modem that you purchase is compatible with your particular DSL service. Different services use slightly different signal protocols which can limit which modems can be used.

The best way to check compatibility is to contact your DSL provider and find out which brands and types of modems that they recommend. Of course another surefire way to absolutely ensure compatibility is to purchase or rent your modem directly from the provider.

However you can also use the information provided by the service provider to do some comparison shopping and find a similar modem for a lower price from a third party website or seller."