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What to watch out when getting a photo scanner?

What to watch out when getting a photo scanner?

What should one keep an eye on when buying a lower medium grade scanner which can scan normal stuff, as well as 35mm film (the regular one) ?

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"Most flatbed scanners are pretty awful at scanning negatives when compared to dedicated film scanners. A notable exception is the Epson Perfection V700 Photo (about $500) which has a seperate film scanning system built in to the lid and comes with film holder for 35mm, 120 and 5x4"" negs and 35mm slides. The 35mm film holder allows you to scan 4 strips of 6 frames in one go. It can also make use of the Digital ICE system to automatically identify and remove dust and scratches from colour film by using an additional infra-red light source.

I bought one of these last year primarily to scan colour and B&W negs and have been very impressed with the results. It was more than I originally intended to spend, but I was persuaded to spend the extra after reading up on the subject. If you're willing to spend $350 to $400 it would definitely be worth thinking about paying the extra for a 'proper' film scanner such as this.

There's an in-depth review at photo-i.co.uk."