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What tool can I use to allow multiple teams to share files?

What tool can I use to allow multiple teams to share files?

I need to work with several teams and need to be able to share requirements and design documents. Most people won't be too technical, so I want to avoid source code tools. The main requirements are:

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Guest [Entry]

"I am with TrueShare, http://www.trueshare.com, and would like to make a couple points about our service.

You can:

Set up versioning on any folder and access archive versions
Restrict upload and delete permissions
Control permissions differently from folder to folder using the work group feature
Share files via Send-a-Link or direct link
Utilize transaction reports to review all types of transactions
Create a Forum and assign it to a folder
Auto sync creates a copy in another directory of the file being synced if desired.
Set up unlimited users with a single account for as little as $25 per month.

You can not:

Edit files on the web/server. A user must have download and upload permission to edit a document and introduce it back into TrueShare
Assign ""read only"" permission unless you restrict upload capability to that Folder/Work Group

Check out the free trial and see if it works for you. Our email address is support (at) trueshare.com if you want to reach us for more questions.


Mitch Matt

Guest [Entry]

"Have you tried Alfresco?

Easily share documents via links.
Tune permissions among roles.
The ""records management"" module prevents any deletion (may be overkill though).
Easy versions management.

Open source. Running your own server is really easy, but you can also use Alfresco Cloud, 10GB for free."