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What version is my MacBook hardware?

What version is my MacBook hardware?

I've seen links on the web about going into Apple > About This Mac but it doesn't tell me information specific enough to help me purchase new RAM. Namely, the specific version of my Mac.

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"(Note, the first item in your quote from OWC is “Core Duo”, not “Core 2 Duo”.)

According to apple-history.com, the ones with the 667Mhz bus are the May/2007 model.

OWC's MyOWC function says that the November/2007 MacBooks are “MacBook3,1”.

Some useful sites to identify Macs:

ifixit.com: ID Your Mac
OWC: MyOWC/Upgrade Center
Apple: Support (search for “how to indetify yourModel; e.g. How to visually identify your black or white MacBook model

The bottom of Mac OS X versions (builds) included with Intel-based Macs includes a list of “how to identify yourModel” for Intel models

The application Mactracker has a “This Mac” feature that seems like it might identify the Mac on which it is running."