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What zsh features do you use? [closed]

What zsh features do you use? [closed]

I do a lot of work in the terminal so I have learned a lot about my shell of choice, zsh. What features of zsh do you use to make yourself that much more productive at work? One of my favorites is the multi-dir autocomplete. So instead of typing cd /fo{tab}/ba{tab}/ba{tab} I can just do cd /fo/ba/ba{tab} and save that many keystrokes!

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Guest [Entry]

"zsh's ability to autocomplete things besides files and directories.

For example, with the git package installed, git-sh{tab} brings up:

- git command -
shortlog -- summarizes git log output
show-branch -- shows branches and their commits
show-index -- displays contents of a pack idx file"
Guest [Entry]

"Enable auto-complete when using scp onto a remote server.

The right prompt for displaying additional info."