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Whats wrong with my hd and/or how can I recover the files?

Whats wrong with my hd and/or how can I recover the files?

I woke up this morning and my Vista64 desktop boots, but blue screens right before it gets to the desktop. I've tried all the boot modes, and safe mode shows it stopping on crcdisk.sys which I've heard is the last library that gets loaded before the desktop shows.

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"You may have a broken hardware (hdd) in this case - it happened to me once but you should try to recover the files using a Linux. Here are the steps I would take:

Try to recover the files using linux boot disk (recover them on a different media than the bad one)
Mount the disk using an USB-SATA (or IDE) cable or a portable hdd rack on another computer after this computer booted up.
Try to use a different data cable for the hdd
Try to see if there is a firmware update for your hdd and try to install it
Try to find an identical HDD and switch the board with the defective one.

From your post it looks that there is a high probability to have a defective disk.

BTW, I just hope you did not activated BitLocker."
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If the data is important enough, you may want to give SpinRite a try. It's a little pricey, but they will refund your money if your not happy with it for any reason, so it can't hurt to try.