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When installing Windows 7, CDBOOT error 5 appears: Cannot boot from CD; why?

When installing Windows 7, CDBOOT error 5 appears: Cannot boot from CD; why?

I am installing Windows 7 on an old machine. I can not even get it to boot. I get this error message:

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"This site has a good tutorial on how to burn a bootable DVD that doesn't have this issue:


During the boot from the Windows 7
installation DVD on some PCs the error
message ""Error Code 5 - can not boot
from disk"" appears. Affected are
primarily computer with older
motherboards of the company ""AsRock""
or ""MSI"". Other DVDs on these PCs can
boot without problems; e.g. from a
Windows Vista installation DVD. And
the Windows 7 installation DVD is also
OK, because this DVD can boot on other
computers. Also the replacement of
the DVD drive does not help. And
booting from the USB stick does not
help either. The error seems to be an
incompatibility of ""AsRock""
motherboards with the DVD boot sector
used by Microsoft in Windows 7
installation DVD.

Here's a way how to create a new
bootable DVD with the free burning
program ImgBurn which is
compatible with the ""AsRock"" or ""MSI""

In addition to the burning program,
ImgBurn still requires a proper
boot sector. If a Windows Vista boot
DVD is available, the boot sector can
be extracted from this DVD. If no
Windows Vista boot DVD is available,
the freeware vLite can be used.
In the program directory of vLite
there is a suitable file ""boot.bin"",
which is also a compatible boot

After starting ImgBurn, choose in the overview ""Create image file from
Insert Windows Vista DVD. On the ""Advanced"" tab -> ""Bootable Disc"" ->
""Extract Boot Image"" select the
appropriate DVD drive and then click
on the floppy icon.
Give the boot sector file a meaningful name; e.g.
The next message window will ask whether this file shall be used for
the current project

this saves filling out the above fields manually

Thus, the fields under ""Make Image Bootable"" is automatically filled
On the ""Options"" tab, select ""ISO9660 + UDF"" and activate the
checkbox for ""Include Hidden Files""
and ""Include System Files""
On the ""Labels"" tab add the ""Volume Label"" for ISO9660 and UDF
On the ""Advanced"" tab -> ""Restrictions"" -> ""ISO9660"" activate
the checkbox ""Don't Add ';1' Version Number
To Files""
On the ""Advanced"" tab -> ""Restrictions"" -> ""UDF"" nothing needs
to be changed
Now insert the Windows 7 installation DVD and choose the DVD as
Choose ""Destination"" ISO file name
For creating the ISO file click on the large button
After a short analysis the ISO file is created
After completion of the ISO file select the ""Ez-Mode Picker""
As final step choose ""Write image file to disc"" in the overview window
to burn the newly created ISO image
file to disc
Select the just created ISO file as source
After inserting a blank DVD the burning process can now be started
with the big button"
Guest [Entry]

"I found a German post (Google Translate see below) that describes how to create a bootable Windows 7 DVD if you encounter ""error 5"" while trying to boot from the Windows 7 DVD. It appears as if the 4 years old MSI board I was using is the source of the problem as I've replaced the DVD drive with a currrent model, which did not solve the problem.

The post describes how to patch the Windows 7 DVD with the boot image of a Windows Vista DVD. If you're able to boot from a Windows Vista DVD but not from a Windows 7 DVD, the procedure is likely to solve your problem.

Because I'm a new user I am allowed to post only one link. Here's the English translation of the article referenced above."
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"I'm not sure if it's helpful, but I also experienced the Windows Code 5 error for my motherboard when booting. The solution that ended up working (after trying gujin bootloader, and then trying to swap in a vLite bootloading file into the ISO) was to burn the DVD ISO file as ISO9660 format instead of UDF format. My Asus P5B motherboard could not boot from a UDF filesystem format.

I went through several DVDs until I realized that it could be the file system on the DVD that's preventing bootloading."
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For installing Windows 7, use a bootable pen drive with the help of Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool (it's a software to make a bootable pen drive), and the installation is just like booting from DVD.
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"This is more for the WinPE crowd that might stumble on this post.

WinPE 3.0 (7 kernel) will not boot on these older systems either for the same reasons.

The WinPE 2.0 (Vista kernel) will; you can use the etfsboot.com file that comes with WinPE 2.0 when creating your ISO with oscdimg in place of the standard one to solve this problem as well

Vista WAIK (With WinPE 2.0)"