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Where can I find a little web server? [closed]

Where can I find a little web server? [closed]

I have a cable internet connection and I would like to set up a small web server at home. I could use my existing computer for this but I don't like to keep it on 24/7. I don't expect it to get many visitors (mostly me when I'm abroad) but I do want it to run 24/7.

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"First: Check with your ISP to see if that is or is not a violation of your TOS. Some cable companies get all in a twist if you start hosting a website and you're not using their ""screw the small business"" package.

Second: How much disk space do you really need? You start out saying you don't need it to take up a lot of space, and then say that shared hosting is too small... FWIW 1 and 1 has some decent cheap hosting with enough space for me to run 3 low traffic sites, one of which has the last 2 years of sermons as MP3 available for download.

Lastly: Decide what your ultimate goal is. If you are ultimately going to put this on a server with IIS (for work, for someone else, or whatever) you're probably better off starting with IIS. Last thing you need to do is code around some quirk in another server software only to find it jacks with something in IIS.

There are other lightweight web servers out there, and they have been discussed in great detail at StackOverflow and ServerFault."
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"I recommend building something to your hardware specifications such as large hard disk and or powerful cpu. Than install Windows 2003 or 2008 server on it. After you do that you can use the IIS built in to the operating system, and you could use miniportal for the rest of the services such as pro/pure ftpd, httpd, dns etc...

recommendation: just rent a windows vps from a reliable data center such as PEAK the same company that host SuperUser.com and StackOverflow.com check them out peakinternet.com"
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"You could try a Windows Home Server setup - it is aimed at home users who want to consolidate files, photos, document onto a central server, but it also allows remote access via a custom domain name (yourname.homeserver.com).

From the WHS remote access web page, you can access your files, music, documents or whatever. You can customise the pages to a limited extent, but you could add a link to another IIS website on the same server.

You can buy a preconfigured server (check out the HP MediaSmart series) or build your own."