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Where can I find great Windows XP themes? [closed]

Where can I find great Windows XP themes? [closed]

For the last couple of years I have used the Zune theme for Windows XP. Once the background picture is removed it is a very classy look for XP.

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DeviantART is a fantastic resource for customisation. Check out their Windows Skins and Themes section for themes for most of the 3rd party theming apps out there.

Visual Styles are generally for Windows XP and require no third party applications to use them. However, you will need this UxStyle UXTheme Patcher*, which supports Windows XP, Vista and 7 RC1.

For Windows Vista (and XP), you can use WindowBlinds. DeviantART has a section dedicated for WindowBlinds themes.

* Thanks to Grawity who pointed out that the previous patcher was incompatible with Windows XP SP3, and suggested this alternative"
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Regarding WindowBlinds, the Stardock products tend to look very good, but IMHO can be resource hogs and very difficult to remove from your machine.