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Where can I find special shell extensions [closed]

Where can I find special shell extensions [closed]

Someone introduced me to a neat Windows 7 trick that’s been doing the rounds on the Internet. It enables GodMode, where all Windows settings into a single folder. To use it:

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"This ""Godmode Maker"" one lets you choose from over 50 ""Deities"" :)

Be A Windows God With Go GodMode

As you probably know, GodMode provides
quick access to an operating system's
more or less hidden controls (Windows
Vista/Seven). How does that work? You
have to create a folder with a certain
string (GUID) at the end.

But that can be pretty hard and, even,
unaesthetic. Why? Well, it can get
pretty hard to create a lot of them
(considering the large number of
GodModes out there). Furthermore, that
GUID doesn't look very nice on your

This is where Go GodMode enters the
scene: This small app will help you
create over 50 GodModes just by
selecting them and pressing the GO
button. It also provides a few cool

Instead of creating the folders on
your desktop, you can create them in a
folder on your computer and just
create a shortcut on your desktop. You
can also add shortcuts to the Start
Menu, QuickLaunch and Favorites

You can add GodModes to folder and desktop context menus without even
adding a single file or folder to your