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Where has msconfig gone?

Where has msconfig gone?

I used to be able to go start>run msconfig (in win XP) but now I get a message saying the file is missing.

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Guest [Entry]

"IMHO Autoruns is way better than msconfig. I've used it for years and it offers much more granularity in processes and locations.


I'm not sure what happened to your msconfig.exe. you could do a search of your pc and find it.

I found the .exe in this folder: C:\WINDOWS\pchealth\helpctr\binaries. I'm not sure where it is supposed to live, though."
Guest [Entry]

"Just to chime in with another alternative to msconfig: If the machine is running Windows Defender it also has a startup manager built-in.

But yeah, I prefer autoruns for level of detail."