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Where on my computer did Wget download this image?

Where on my computer did Wget download this image?

I am using Windows XP. I just downloaded wget and put it into my C:\Windows folder.

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Guest [Entry]

"It sounds like you entered the wget command directly into the Start->Run dialog. If that's the case, you want to do this to move it to your Desktop:

Start->Run, enter cmd, press ENTER.
Check that the file is there: dir lang2.JPG (should output the file details). If you don't see the file listed, run dir to get a full listing of the directory in case you've misspelled it (or wget didn't name it what you expected).
Move it into the Desktop: move lang2.JPG Desktop

This all assumes that the wget command that you ran executed in the same directory that the command window opens in. Step 2 should prove that one way or the other.

If you don't see the file listed in Step 2, you'll need to resort to using Windows Search, or redownload it (open a command window first this time!)."
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I had a similar problem after downloading and using wget for windows 7. The problem was that I did not open a command window with administrative priviliges. Start->Run->cmd does not open a command window with administrative privileges. Wget was not in my PATH yet, so I ran it directly from the "Program Files (x86)" folder. There my command window could not create a directory to store everything in. Running a command window with administrative privileges (run as adminitrator) resolved the problem.
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"It should download to the current ""working"" folder.

Windows is set as a path, so no matter where you are on your system, it should be accessible.

I would guess that the image will be in the root of your user profile -

On XP c:\Documents and Settings\username or click Start > Run then type %userprofile%

If this doesn't work, simply go to Start > Run and type ""Cmd"" as that should launch in whatever your home directory is, and you should find the file there."
Guest [Entry]

"When using wget on windows, you first need to open a command prompt so that it will stay open, by doing Start->Run, typing cmd, and hitting enter. Then, use the cd command to change to the directory where you wish to store the picture, and perform your wget. By default, it will store the pictures in your current directory unless you specify a different location.

Also, with that command line you should be able to specify just the base URL, not a specific picture, to download all the images. That's what the -A option specifies."
Guest [Entry]

The other answers should be correct, but there is also the possibility of finding the image file (lang2.JPG was your example, above) using Windows' search feature.