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Which bittorrent clients can download preview chunk first?

Which bittorrent clients can download preview chunk first?

Is there a way to tell uTorrent or other BT clients to download the first 1 or 2 or 3% first?

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Guest [Entry]

"uTorrent does this, and I definitely recommend this torrent client as it is fast and extremely lightweight. Starts up within 1 second for me.

To set this option in uTorrent, click Options -> Preferences.

Select Advanced Preferences.

Find the option named ""bt.prio_first_last_piece"" and set to true.

This will download the start of the file which will let you preview most video files first."
Guest [Entry]

"the direct answer to your question is ""Yes"".

but not all of them, and no, i wont tell you which ones because you didnt ask that question, you asked if bt clients ""can"", so...

note: not all of the ones that do support doing this at on first setup, because it breaks some of the basic flow/logic of bt chunk swarming, to spread the load out so that there is some more spread of who as what chunks, should large parts of the swarm go offline."