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Which cab file for an HTC Diamond

Which cab file for an HTC Diamond

I have an HTC diamond and I’m trying to install an app which gives me 5 choices for .cab files

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Guest [Entry]

"Firstly the ones you don't want:

MIPS is an older type of processor that is no longer used in mobile phones.
SP would specify SmartPhone devices (i.e. no touchscreen but still Windows Mobile)
SH3 is another type of processor like MIPS that is no longer used.

And then The one you do want, (maybe):

ARM is the processor that almost all modern mobile phones are based on, but I'm not conviced about the difference between ARM and ARMWM. I would suspect that you want the ARMWM cab as Windows Mobile is the shell that is built around the ARM based Windows CE core so I suspect that ARM is for Windows CE without the WinMo interface...

Any info on the app and where to get it? I may be able to advise better then....

A bit more background reading on the different processor types is here."