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Which duplicate files and folders finders exist for Windows? [closed]

Which duplicate files and folders finders exist for Windows? [closed]

I need a free duplicate file finder/remover app, with ability to find duplicate files/folders by name and/or by size and to remove one of duplicates.

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Guest [Entry]

"There was this Duplicate File Finder available for some time but now its only on secondary sites, like this Softpedia reference.

The Wareseeker site shows the correct reference http://dff.nazrashid.com/ which is no longer around. I would be careful fetching executables from such sites though.

It can do search for duplicates within multiple directory trees based on,

contents (i think it does a md5 match)
name and size
contents and name

And, it lets you filter your search by a minimum and maximum files size (speeds up things when you know the bounds).

A very thoughtful piece of software. Don't know if there is something as fast and featured for free around these days.

The comments refer to a similar Sourceforge tool called Doubles"
Guest [Entry]

Duplicate Cleaner is very fast and it has extensive result set filtering possibilities.
Guest [Entry]

"Total Commander has a brilliant duplicate file finder utility. Unfortunately it is not free.

As nik mentioned there is the Duplicate File Finder which is open source and cross platform. It's available on SourceForge here"
Guest [Entry]

"DoubleKiller is an excellent free (they also have a pro version) duplicate file finder/remover. I've been using it for years and would thoroughly recommend it.

Guest [Entry]

"Winmerge http://winmergedotorg/

Compare very similar directories, perhaps between your ""Documents"" folder and your impromptu ""backup"", ""Copy of Documents"" folder, you created several weeks ago ""just in case"".

You can figure out what files are still identical, which files are the newest (or oldest, if you have encountered a problem), and which files exist only in one place. Then you can ""merge"" the directories and delete the duplicates."