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Which machine to get for a home server?

Which machine to get for a home server?

I want to have a server at home. Mainly for few projects, blog(wordpress) and maybe other web resources. I want to have it very low power consumable, so I am thinking getting Acer Aspire Revo 3600, but I am not pro at server hardware stuff. As an desktop/mobile it is a great solution for working (not gaming). So maybe someone good at it and could advice me what machine should I get? Or its better to buy a remote server from somewhere else? Maybe there is some web page resources which could help me with this decision and other server hosting/establishing problems? :) Thank you in advance!

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"If you have a static ip - then go for a normal Atom machine (Asus eeeBox + many many others) (ION is entirely optional, and will not really increase the performance of the tasks you are setting out to achieve). In fact, given the small price difference between an Atom SFF desktop, and an Atom notebook, you might want to just go for an Atom notebook to be your home server - it makes it much easier to troubleshoot anyway with its built-in screen (just in case you can't RDP or SSH into the machine and have to drag a monitor over).

However, if this machine is primarily for serving content over the web to your audience, etc, I'd very much recommend you to get a hosting service (shared hosting, really cheap anyway). Especially so if your home Internet connection is on a Dynamic IP plan. Also, your bandwidth have to be sizable to support many concurrent users.

Try GoDaddy.com, or just search for a webhost that suits your needs (make sure to also do a search for "" sucks downtime"" to ensure that they are reliable.

Start with the cheapest hosting plan first - you can always upgrade later. Make sure they have features such as MySQL and PHP support - I also recommend Linux hosts."