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Which software is best for small photoediting features? [closed]

Which software is best for small photoediting features? [closed]

I want the software which is lightweight.

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"some text, mark some areas and cut some portion to save as a new photo?

Fotografix and PhotoFiltre are two excellent lightweight image editors, certainly capable of that.

Both programs are freeware and portable.

Edit: here are some PhotoFiltre Toolbars. From left to right: Selection tools, Paintbrush tools, Advanced Paintbrush tools."
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"IrfanView is not only an image viewer, but it also has simple editing capabilities. It is extremely lightweight (1.3MB download).

IrfanView is freeware."
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Aviary has many free online tools including an image editor.
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"I have photoshop but thats too heavy to do samll job like this

When I don't want to open up Photoshop I have two alternate image editors that I like to use:

The first is IrfanView as mentioned by John T above. I tend to use this for cropping and highlighting elements in screen shots. It's super lightweight and easy to use.
The second is called Artweaver. If you are comfortable using Photoshop then using Artweaver will be super easy as they have borrowed heavily from the Photoshop interface. The free version of artweaver supports layers which I find particularly useful for doing slightly more advanced tweaking of my images than irfanview allows.

Lifehacker review of Artweaver"
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For small jobs like that, I use Paint. It's already part of Windows, so you don't need to install or change anything