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Which TiddlyWiki plugins do you use? [closed]

Which TiddlyWiki plugins do you use? [closed]

I recently started using TiddlyWiki and I think it's a great productivity tool. I was wondering what the most popular and most useful TiddlyWiki plugins are. I already checked out TiddlyVault and TiddlyTools but I think those sites are somewhat unorganized and I'm having a hard time navigating them. What TiddlyWiki plugins do you use and which ones are the must have?

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Guest [Entry]

"I have been diggin in the same problem (I have TiddlyWiki this week) and from tiddlytools I have used the following plugins:

InlineJavascriptPlugin, to enable javascripts.
EditFieldPlugin, allows keep data input in fields.
WikifyPlugin, allows variables evalluation using javascript from InlineJavascriptPlugin, it has awfuls examples, but you can figure out his use in a couple of hours.
RefreshTiddlerPlugin, to refresh tiddler, allowing update with external data or iframes.
PostFormPlugin, to post dat and sending back to the web, I haven´t personaly test it.
PersistentFormPlugin, similar to EditFieldPlugin, but with the HTML part of a tiddler."