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Why are all flash videos lagging a lot?

Why are all flash videos lagging a lot?

Windows XP - SP3

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"Recently there was a article about Firefox slowing down on videos due to the internal process that saves all open tabs every 10 seconds - you can increase this by going to about:config and increasing the timeout on browser.sessionstore.interval


That however would not fix the problem with Opera.

Personally, I have a good graphics card and fast CPU and see random problems, slow downs and lag in various flash videos. I think the latest few releases are buggy and need refining as I never had this problem in a older version on a slower machine.

I hope the first solution helps you as I know it has helped a lot of people - just not me!"
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"Simply reinstall the latest Flash Player.

Your computer sounds a little old, so maybe you're still using Flash Player 9. We are now on Flash Player 11, as Flash Player might not tell you it needs to be updated."