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Why are folders called <photo_name>.JPG.files appearing on my laptop?

Why are folders called <photo_name>.JPG.files appearing on my laptop?

I've got a new laptop. When I copy photos to it from my camera I get additional folders with the same file name prefix e.g. DSC01234 and the suffix ".JPG.files". I get one for each photo. They each contain files with names like vcm_s_kf_m160_160x120.jpg and vcm_s_kf_repr_832x624.jpg. Does anyone have any idea where they're from? My concern is that it's a virus although NIS 2010 hasn't found anything.

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"This thread seems to discuss the same problem:
When adding pictures to Vista Picture folder it creates a HIDDEN folder of the same name with two copies of same picture in it.

The answer there was:

Problem is with vaio content analyzer
software that comes along with
vaio... Just search for the Vaio
content analyzer (settings) and

Video analyzis picture
analyzis music analyzis"
Guest [Entry]

"Those subfolders are hidden files, so you need to change the setting in the folder options.
Go to Control Panel > Folder Options > View >
In advance settings, click Don't show hidden files, folders or drives.

This should hide those unwanted subfolders inside My Pictures folder."