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Why do I get 400 Bad Request in ubuntu 9.10 cups server?

Why do I get 400 Bad Request in ubuntu 9.10 cups server?

I have a cups server running on ubuntu 9.10 on my home network. Right now I can access it at, but when I try to access it at myservername.local:631, I get a 400 Bad Request. Here is the relevant section from my current cupsd.conf:

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"As of Cups 1.3.10, the server does not attempt to lookup its own hostname on startup. The old behaviour can be restored by adding

HostNameLookups on

To your cupsd.conf file. More information is available in this Gentoo Bug Report as well as the CUPS 1.3.10 Release Notes.

You may also want to look into the ServerName and ServerAlias config directives. See the manpage (man cupsd.conf or available online here) for more information."
Guest [Entry]

"Enabling Printing using CUPS from the Mac – How my Mac now prints to a printer plugged into a Machine running Ubuntu 9.10!

After MANY missteps, I followed these steps and the printer finally started to work using CUPS and the setup above. As a relative noob to Ubuntu and Linux, I don't know which of these steps were the magic ones that worked. It is likely that some of these steps can be changed or omitted, but they worked for me, and hopefully, for you as well.

Printer attached to the parallel port on the Linux machine was installed, running, and set to shared over the local network from CUPS (http://localhost:631 typed into the firefox location bar).

On the Linux machine, I ran ifconfig from the terminal app. to discover the local IP address (starts with 192.168.xx.x) (Your xx.x will be different numbers).

From the Mac's Safari program's location bar, I went to the url of the Linux machine's CUPS port 631 (192.168.xx.x:631) where xx.x are numbers for the local address discovered using ifconfig above.

This brought up the CUPS system on the Linux machine (which was displayed on the screen of the Mac machine).

I then went to the printers tab on the Linux machine (through safari on the Mac) and copied the location for the printer onto the clipboard (http://192.168.xx.x:631/printers/Hewlett-Packard-HP-LaserJet-1100).

I then opened port 631 on the Mac machine (http://localhost:631) which brings up the CUPS system on the Mac. (If it doesn't bring up the Mac CUPS system, look elsewhere to figure this one out).

I went to Add Printer on the Mac CUPS system.

On the Mac, I gave the added printer a name of HP_LaserJet_1100 and “cut and pasted the location into both the location and the description fields.

For device I used IPP or internet printing protocol (http).

For Device URI, I pasted the location copied from the Linux machine yet again.

I selected the proper make and model for the driver on the next screen.

Worked! Hopefully this saves someone else the hour or two it took me to thread that needle."