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Why do I get a Blank Page between each Content Page on my HP Network Printer?

Why do I get a Blank Page between each Content Page on my HP Network Printer?

The problem: I have an HP printer, networked over CAT 6. It prints, but every other page is a blank page.

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Guest [Entry]

"This is a Driver issue. Get the latest driver for your system and make sure you are using the correct protocol/port to connect to the printer.

Make sure you choose the right driver for your printer. (PCL or PostScript)

If you are using postscript the following applies. In some cases printing elaborate postscript documents can also have this result when the printer needs more memory to properly render the document."
Guest [Entry]

"When you connect via USB, Windows will install a new copy of that printer. In other words, if there is in fact a setting that is causing this it shouldn't be present on the printer configuration.

I have two suggestions:

Go through every page of each printer properties for the two printers, and ensure nothing is different except for the port. Keep in mind that printing preferences and printing defaults both need to match up. I've seen cases where one or the other was not set correctly, resulting in undesired behaviour.
Copy the USB installation in your printers folder, and change it's port to use the TCP/IP port used by your network printer - see if this corrects the issue.

If #2 does not correct the issue, and the problem continues then it is a problem with the driver or the printer. What model printer, and have you obtained the latest driver? Perhaps an older version of the driver (if you can find such a beast) is available?

Failing that - delete all of the drivers and ports related to the printer. (Right Click in Printers -> Server Properties -> Delete each driver for this printer, then all the ports) and reset the printer to factory defaults. Then reinstall using the latest driver from HP.

And if that doesn't work ... you have a bodgy printer :)"