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Why do I have to log into hotmail twice?

Why do I have to log into hotmail twice?

I just recently noticed I have to attempt a login into hotmail twice before it succeeds. Although I'm using Google Chrome (, the symptoms are well described in a Mozilla thread. In short, I'm told:

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"It is because they are skating around the edge of the cross-site scripting safeguards in your browser and some of what is being done are tripping them.

The core problem is that there are multiple domains involved with logging into and accessing a HotMail account and all of them need you to be authenticated. Since cookies need common domain names to transfer between sites, this is part of the solution, but involving a completely different domain scotches that, so they do other tricks (including redirects) in an effort to make it all work.

I see this problem in Opera with Ebay, PayPal, Google Mail and recently YouTube, so it's not a purely HotMail thing. And the Opera fora have posts about it happening in other sits, too. Then too, Chrome (and Opera) have quite low percentages of browser share, so sites that do this would tend to target IE and FireFox first."
Guest [Entry]

"I encountered the same problem with Google Chrome. AFAIK, this problem occurred on gmail and yahoo as well.

I am using version 4.0.x.x

My best guess is that this is a bug in Google Chrome"