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Why do messenger keeps coming up when I adjust screen brightness?

Why do messenger keeps coming up when I adjust screen brightness?

My Dell Studio XPS 13 has a brightness up & down buttons (Fn + up arrow / down arrow), as do most laptops have. It's running Windows 7 64bit and I've installed Windows Live Messenger (build 14 and something) on it.

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"There's a utility called AutoHotkey that will show you exactly what keyboard presses are sent at the application level. You can use this utility to see what Windows is seeing when you press that key combination. Its a bit of a hack, but here goes. (This basically installs a global keylogger...)

First, install AutoHotkey (http://www.autohotkey.com/)
Save this to a file and name it ""test.ahk"" (you have to have a script running that installs the ""keyboard hook"" to see ALL keypresses.)
Double click the file to run it. It will show up in your system tray as a green square with an H in it.
Double click the green H icon to open the UI for your script.
Click View menu > Key History and script info.
Press your key combination, then press F5 on the AutoHotkey script window.

You will see they key combination most recently pressed at the bottom. You can press a known key a couple of times before you press the key you want to find so its easier to find. Hopefully you'll see something useful."
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"Other than the Dell built-in keyboard, I also use the awesome Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 keyboard (actually, the 7000 keyboard mouse set). Microsoft IntelliType Pro - the keyboard software - seems to interfere with some of the built-in keyboard's functionality, namely Fn + F1, Fn +F3 and Fn + Down Arrow.

Looking at this post I tried running MsKey and choosing ""Close Intellitype Pro"". It seems to solve the problem.

To sum it up - A conflict with Intellitype is (probably) the cause. I don't have a good solution yet other than closing and opening Intellitype only when needed."