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Why does Canon SD450 camera power off after a few seconds?

Why does Canon SD450 camera power off after a few seconds?

My rummage sale Canon SD450 came with the lens extended. After fiddling with it a few minutes it was able to retract the lens and close the cover. At home, I put in a Sandisk 128MB multimedia card and charged the battery.

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"I do agree 100%with my colleague Pollytintop. I do have the service manual on my file server and you can download it so that you can repair or worst case scenario replace your lens assembly. The manual is RIGHT HEREThe problem usually happens because dirt or sand get into the lens mechanism. Physical obstructions preventing the full extension/retraction of the lens. These can include things like dust or sand in the mechanism.Depending on the size of the obstruction, it may be dislodged by blowing air on it or tapping on the camera.

Mis-alignment of the lens can also cause this problem. The cause of the mis-lignment could come from dropping the camera or dirt and contamination of the lens/track. You might resolve this problem by pushing the mechanism back into alignment, and also make sure that the lens etc. is clean and free of any debris, corrosion, etc.

Hope this will work for you and good luck"