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Why does my Windows Explorer no longer refresh itself?

Why does my Windows Explorer no longer refresh itself?

Normally when you do a file operation in Windows Explorer then Explorer refreshes itself. So I delete a file, and it's gone.

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I suggest you have a look at this thread in the Microsoft TechNet forums. This may be related to a known issue with Windows 7.
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"I've also struggled with this problem, and I've found a workaround from here.

This edit has been added by soandos: The post suggests that you install Classic Shell from sourceforge.net.
You can set the right pane auto-refresh like this:
Start > All Programs (or Programs) > Explorer Settings > Navigation Pane > Always navigate to the selected folder
Answer by Ciove: The above is only partially true and, in my mind, doesn't solve the problem satisfactorily. See my comment below for details.

Classic Shell has also classic XP Start menu, if you want it."
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"Just to add another solution which has resolved my problem:

It is a registry file to execute (safe mode: check the content before in case this site is not more reliable) but I think such solution should be provided by Microsoft. All the microsoft links / solution in technet, social etc... previously mentionned in this topic were not working for me.

Hope this can help some others."
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Select your C drive in the Explorer and go into Organize/Folders and check the search options/View/Reset Folders option.
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"There is a known problem for this in the Microsoft Knowledgebase for people who have disabled UAC, see Desktop items disappear after renaming them on Windows 7.

The only fix on that article is to switch UAC back on, or keep pressing Refresh or F5 when you make a change to a file."