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Why does Ubuntu feel so sluggish on my asus 1000HE netbook

Why does Ubuntu feel so sluggish on my asus 1000HE netbook

I recently purchased a nice asus 1000HE, and installed Ubuntu NBR. However, I'm pretty disappointed with how sluggish it feels. I'm wondering if I maybe need to install a closed-source graphics driver - it feels similar to how my work laptop performed before I installed the restricted nvidia driver on that machine.

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"Notes on Asus Eee 1000HE (and newer) maybe useful.
Though, I don't see any thing specific yet.

This page hosts user submitted configurations and recommendations for getting the most out of your Eee.

Just to confirm, you are using the Eeebutu NBR? check this discussion too.
And the ASUS Support page for reference.

I have two tips (besides your graphics driver point),

Check your memory utilization -- are you near peak? is swap being used?

If you feel the network access is sluggish (terminals work fast, browser stalls) check the network path is good
I also read about some WiFi troubles on those links."
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Just found this page about Troubleshooting Intel graphics performance issues. When I'm in front of my 1000HE I'll investigate more.