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Why doesn't video run smoothly on my laptop anymore?

Why doesn't video run smoothly on my laptop anymore?

This might be an impossible question to answer remotely but I figure there may be some common causes that people can suggest so I think it's worth asking...

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did you try to use a smaller resolution. IE 800x600 if you have a HIGH resolution IE 1280x1024 the video card on there is not fast enough to render a large picture so full screen it will get choppy. lower the res and get back to me.
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Reinstall operating system, install each application and test the video after each installation.
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"Assuming you are running your laptop in ""Plugged in mode""!

First: Make sure to upgrade Adobe Flash Player often.

Second: If your OS is 32 bit double your installed RAM to 2 GB. If OS is 64 bit double that again to 4 GB (or more if your MB supports it). Remember that your on-board video chip is going to use/share a significant portion of your RAM.

Third: Enable the ""Run"" app by right clicking on the Start Button and choose ""Properties""...and under the ""Start Menu tab choose ""customize"". Then check the Run option.
Once done, choose the ""Run"" option from the start menu and type msconfig. Select the Startup tab and deselect all except those you need. Food for thought! There is no need for ANY program to run at startup other than the OS itself. Unless you use a scheduler to run scans etc..

Fourth: Open Users > Your user name > Application Data > Local > Temp and select ALL and then choose DELETE. There will be a file or two that is in use and you will not be able to delete those. That is OK.

And, last but not least: Make sure you are using the recommended screen resolution for your laptop."