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Why is ccmexec thrashing my disk?

Why is ccmexec thrashing my disk?

I run continously run Serious Samurize to show graphs of CPU, disk and network usage. Occasionally I see that my E: drive (a hard disk with no system files on it, only data) is thrashing away when it shouldn't be (showing around 50% bandwidth usage on the graph). Using process explorer I see that the culprit is CcmExec, a standard Windows component. It looks like it is reading every file on the disk.

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"CcmExec is part of the Systems Management Server from Microsoft. There are a couple of articles on MSDN blogs that address this issue. You should be able to stop this from happening by stopping the ""SMS Agent Host"" service.

Jonathan Hardwick offers three ways of turning off the service:

From the command line: sc stop ccmexec and sc start ccmexec (where
sc is c:\windows\system32\sc.exe)
From the GUI #1: open the services list, right-click on the SMS
Agent Host service, and select Stop or
From the GUI #2: having typed sc stop ccmexec and sc start
ccmexec into Start>Run, use the
drop-down history menu at the end of
the Run box to re-run them whenever
you want to."