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Why is IEx64 not the default for x64 Windows?

Why is IEx64 not the default for x64 Windows?

I don't think I've seen any answers to this question, but I'm curious as to why, when you have a 64-bit OS installed (ex: Vista x64), IE defaults to the 32-bit version? Are there drawbacks to using the x64 version of IE (IE8, specifically)?

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Guest [Entry]

"I guess it's becoming less of an issue these days, but initially there were no plugins that supported native 64-bit browsers (so you couldn't see Flash animations in 64-bit IE, for example.) So that's most likely why 32-bit is default.

Edit: I haven't actually tested a native 64-bit browser for a while, but since Adobe has said they're working on a native 64-bit player for a year now I assumed it must be out, but that might not be the case. Does anyone know?"