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Why is my ADSL download speed lower than my upload speed

Why is my ADSL download speed lower than my upload speed

I seem to be getting ~400 Kbps download speed here, and ~700 Kbps upload (yes, they're both rubbish). Does this seem wrong to anyone, and what could be causing it (apart from the 'acceptable' things like distance from exchange etc.)

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"If you're working through BT and the trouble is at the master socket then BT is responsible for the wiring up to the master socket. Unfortunately, the division responsible for maintaining phone wiring is not the same as the division that does ADSL. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to get the help desk people to raise a ticket so that a line technician will come out and fix the wiring.

I had a similar problem once and it took about 6 weeks to get it fixed. From what I can tell, you need to:

Unplug everything else from the phone line and verify the rate on the ADSL router.
Get onto their help desk. Get them to run their remote check for ground noise. Note that that test only checks the underground cabling up to the junction box (I think this is what it's called). It does not check the cabling between that and the house.
Make sure they log that you've done this.
Keep ringing and demand to talk to a supervisor if the help desk operators don't give you any joy.
Repeat and keep nagging them until they raise a ticket with the line people.

One possibility would be to go to another ISP that has a DSLAM at your exchange (maybe Nildram - they have a range of services aimed at SOHO clients). If it is a line problem they will probably do a better job of escalating this to BT's infrastructure people than BT's own ISP does."
Guest [Entry]

"Get a filtered face plate for your wall outlet and remove any redundant telephone wiring in your house. Then run the phone direct into the wall outlet and use a shielded RJ11 cable to connect from the filtered faceplate to your router.

Lastly, follow this advice (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/08/05/i_plate/).

Then you can be sure of no internal interference. I did and got an extra meg on a 6km line."