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Why is my display screen in black and white only?

Why is my display screen in black and white only?


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"Is the screen actually in black and white or could it be that its in reverse black on white contrast mode http://grab.by/Zgb

if it's the latter you can find the accessibility settings in your iPhone and turn it off."
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"Correct answer in my situation… Press the home button three times in succession and it will bring a menu option that says

""voice over""

""Invert colors""


You will most likely notice that the ""zoom"" option is checked… UNCheck this option and your screen will go back to colors!

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tap your screen 3 times with three fingers. A menu will pop up. Touch choose filter and set to none.
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"looks like a cable issue to me (connector) - unless it's a broken screen.

But hey, colour is overrated !"
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"I have LG Aristo that suddenly turned black/white

I tried everything, turning it off and back on, adjust settings, searched internet for help, etc...

Nothing seemed to work


I pulled down the screen at the top which give notifications and at the very top has signs of features that can be turned on and off by touch.

ie: WiFi strength, Sound, Bluetooth, Location, Rotation, Sync, Flashlight, Airplane Mode, Data, Battery Saver, Color Inversion and ""COMFORT VIEW"".

Clicked on 'COMFORT VIEW' and (((POOF))) everything went back to color.

Felt like I was in Wizard of OZ. LOL

Hope it helps fix your issue.

Have a GREAT Day!!!"
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On the LG XPad 2, I pressed the Hot Key once and that put it back to color.